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Need a Party Snack? Try My Nuts.

So you're going to host a party. What's the most important part of that party? The theme? The guests? Nope. It's the snacks. It's always the snacks. Snacks can turn a bad party into a good one. Plus, even the most introverted of introverts will agree to show up if you promise them a good snack table. Now, what are you going to feed your guests? Well, you could always tell them to Try My Nuts.

The Salty  If you're going to take the classic route, you'll want to start with the salty. Personally, we recommend some mixed nuts for your salty party snacks. The Crunchy Delight is always a big party favorite, or go for the Deluxe Mixed Nuts if you're feeling fancy. If you want to mix it up even more than mixed nuts can mix it up, throw some other fun food into the mix. Our Crack Stix are always a crowd pleaser. They're simple, tasty, and ready to party. Just like us. 
The Sweet  Next, make sure that you don't leave out the sweet snacks. There's nothing…

Can You Handle the Death Nut Challenge?

Ah, the Death Nut Challenge: the ultimate test of hot nuts bravery. Many have begun the quest, but few have reached the summit of Level 5. Do you think that you could be one of the proud few? Then proceed with caution, my brave friend, and may you find success in your daring and delicious adventure. 
Caution: Hot Nuts
Before you move further, however, remember that we are very serious about the Death Nut Challenge. When we say that these are some hot nuts, we mean it. So keep these hot nuts far away from children, the elderly, people who are sensitive to spicy foods, and people who are allergic to peanuts. 
Now, are you ready? Then let’s proceed. 
Level One 
You start your challenge with level one. These nuts are infused with ghost peppers and Carolina Reaper powder. At this point, some people realize just what they’ve gotten themselves into. The Death Nut Challenge is bringing the heat, and you’re only on level one. You can do this. 
Level Two
Having experienced level one, you’re now mental…

Try My Nuts from the Start

Why Try My Nuts? It’s the Outer Banks experience.

Way back in 1999, we started our first store in Corolla, NC. That’s where the Corolla wild horses roam. If you’ve never seen them, it’s difficult for someone else to describe the experience. You just have to be there, feeling the wind and the ocean and the beach and watching wild horses run free. It’s a good feeling.

Being a fun-loving family, we wanted to extend that feeling of freedom we felt at the OBX. So, we took a chance and started our first beach store with only 600 square feet of retail space and no idea which way the wind would blow. Well, that summer we were a hit. And then it didn’t stop but kept on going year-round. We quickly outgrew that first store, and now, 19 years later, we’re still sharing Outer Banks munch satisfaction and sandy grit wit with our many happy customers.

With seven retail locations – four on the Outer Banks, NC and three in Ashland, VA, Pigeon Forge, TN, and Palm Desert, CA -- plus an online store at tr…

Does Try My Nuts Offend You?

No news is good news. And then there's good news. And funny news. Recently, Kitty Alvarado and her team from KMIR TV News in Palm Desert, California decided it was time to investigate the buzz about Try My Nuts on El Paseo Drive. What they found may surprise you.  Apparently, a local elderly resident was surprised by some of the products in his local Try My Nuts store. He complained to the TV news team and asked them to find out what commercial regulation or public law the store was most certainly violating (in his viewpoint) with these products.  So, the news team took on the challenge. They visited the store and found out just what the gentleman was talking about. Scattered amidst the array of delicious candies and assorted nut products for which Try My Nuts is famous, they did in fact find an occasional product whose label raised an eyebrow.  When KMIR asked Try My Nuts storeowner Adam Cintas about some of the product labels with double meanings, Cintas commented, "It's ju…