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Feel the Burn

Hey, hot stuff, can you feel the burn? Do you know someone who loves the heat? In any group, there’s always someone with dragon breath. Typically a mild-mannered person, this pepper fanatic morphs into a fire eater who claims, “That’s not hot – I add a ton of hot peppers to my chili!” We all know someone who chomps jalapeno peppers like strawberries and who opens his cupboard – is it true that it’s always a guy? – to show you his spread of hot sauces.  Well, here’s the world’s hottest gift for that character: a chance to grow the world’s hottest peppers with Try My Nuts. The heat in peppers comes from a chemical compound called capsaicin (pronounced cap-SAY-sin), which has all kinds of uses. It is used for bear spray and to reduce pain from arthritis, psoriasis, and shingles. And it’s used to put both pain and flavor in your food.  When ordering peppers, most packages come marked with Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) that identify the intensity of the heat. Sweet peppers get 0 SHUs: Z-E-R-O
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Come On, Baby, Light My Fire

  Let There Be a Flicker When the electricity goes out, we reach for our cell phones and the built-in flashlight, but we think about saving the battery unless we have an extra charger. What if we use our power, and then we're without a phone?  If the outage is in the middle of the night, who cares? We turn over and sleep until the sun comes up. But what if it's early evening and it’s a long time till bed? That's when we turn to the next best thing: candles - and we'd better hope we can find the matches. Where did you cram them again? In the drawer? The cabinet? Then what, may we ask, is your hand doing in the Cashew Bliss Gift Tin? Never mind, we know the answer; they're irresistible, but did you have to eat every last one? Do you cringe when the lights go out? These are the times when you wish you'd: Cleaned out your closet so you can snack in private. Not eaten the last of the Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties from Try My Nuts. Saved some of those Milk Ch

And Now In Other News: Cashews You Can Use

See that person standing next to the bowl of Try My Nuts ? Yes, that's the one, chatting it up with anyone who'll listen. You know what's happening, don't you? That person is creating a diversion, hoping no one will notice how close they are to the cashews while innocently reaching toward the bowl, popping morsel after morsel into their mouth.  You thought we wouldn't notice, didn't you? Ah, but we did. There's a sneaky Pete at every wedding, family gathering, and potluck. How do we know? We know what they're doing because we do the same thing. We position ourselves just so and look harmless while we zero in on the cashews. We carefully survey the bowl and casually slip the cashews into our hands, never letting anyone else know what we're doing.  Consider this fair warning: if not monitored, every last cashew will be gone, missing from the bowl, never seen again. Don't bother shaming us with guilt; it won't work. We have no remorse. We love o

Corporate Gift Giving? Don't Go Nuts - Try My Nuts!

  Friends, is gifting driving you nuts? Do you pull your hair out trying to find that perfect gift? When you're in business, many suppliers thank you for being a good customer by sending gifts. If you're the one sending the gifts, it can be tough to think of a gift that will help your customers remember you!  Who's on your gift list? Teachers, secretaries, office professionals, the mail carrier, your doctor, your lawyer, your pastor... there's always some reason to send a gift.  Birthdays and holidays creep up on you, and there you are with no gift insight. Or worse, you look through a catalog and decide that putting your company logo on a pencil is a good idea.  Like the recipient will be thrilled to have another pen or highlighter, or - horrors - the dreaded chip clip. And where do these thoughtful gifts wind up? In the junk drawer, where you toss those giant paper clips or erasers and then quickly forget they are there. There are all kinds of ways to thank your custo

Hot Nuts and Other Ways To Feel the Heat

It's summer, so what better way to enjoy sweating through your clothes than to kick up your snacking up a notch? Feel the heat inside and out with tasty, craving-crushing delights from Try My Nuts . With everything from hot nuts to hot sauces that go perfectly with any summer snack fling, you can bet your mouth will be blistering with joy this season.  Are you ready to punch your mouth with flavor, heat, and savory morsels of fire? If so, try our many spicy nut options today. Perhaps you are more of a "hot sauce on your morning eggs" type of person. If so, we have you covered in that department with our Eve Hot Sauce. If you feel even more adventurous, take our Death Nut Challenge for a real firsthand encounter with what it feels like to munch on hot lava. And don't forget to check out our website to browse all of our tasty treats, both spicy and mild, today.    We're Nuts for Hot Nuts Big surprise, but at Try My Nuts, we are known far and wide for our nuts! One o

Chocolate Lovers Gift Baskets: When Unforeseen Circumstances Require Immediate Chocolate Attention

  Crud! I forgot your birthday. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I forgot your anniversary. I forgot to remind myself to remember your graduation. Mother's Day. Father's Day. If only I’d remembered to send that gift basket from Try My Nuts . You see, I was busy with my stuff, and I thought about you, but that's as far as I got, and then, well, you see, I was going to call you, but my phone battery died. The dog ate my calendar. I had to work late at the office. I overslept. I couldn't take off work. I needed chocolate. I do hope you accept my apology. And I might add, a Try My Nuts Gift Basket is coming to a mailbox near you. Hopefully, you'll be home. But if you're thinking of leaving the country, might we suggest Switzerland? A trip to the Swiss Alps does the spirit good if climbing a mountain is on your bucket list, especially if you are talking about mountains of chocolate.  Celebrations, apologies, romance, and holidays - from get-well wishes to sneaking th