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We Have Snacks for Your Online Finals

  So you finally nailed this online school thing. You've stopped accidentally unmuting yourself at the worst times. You've settled into a schedule without the help of a physical classroom. You embraced pajama bottoms even more than you would have anyway, you learned how to drown out your family's nonsense, and you even picked out some great quarantine snacks.  But just when you've finally got the hang of virtual school, you realize that exam season is just around the corner. Whether you're dealing with midterms or finals, we're here to help.  First, the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783. You're welcome.  Second, we have the quarantine snacks you need to power yourself through your studies.  Best Quarantine Snacks for Finals and Midterms  What makes the best quarantine snacks for studying? We used a very scientific process (i.e., we ate a lot of snacks) to figure it out. Here's what we came up with.  Portable  First of all, you want something that

Do You Still Need Corporate Gifts When You've Been Working from Home?

We're almost 11 months into a very long year, and now your coworkers are tiny squares on your computer screen. And if nobody's turning on their cameras, your coworkers aren't even tiny squares with faces. We're not saying that there aren't perks to working from home. You can't very well walk into your regular office without pants, after all. But working from home does come with a few questions, like "Do I still need to get corporate gifts this year?" and "Have my children always been this loud?"  The answers are, "If you want to," and "yes," respectively. We can't help you with that second thing, but let's talk office gifts. There are a lot of great reasons to give them in 2020, and you have lots of options. Let's take a look at both.  Reasons for Corporate Gifts  This year, you've heard the word "unprecedented" a lot, which is a word that means "nobody knows what they're doing." And

Get Spooky with Your Nuts this Halloween

Image by  Benjamin Balazs  from  Pixabay   Who's in the mood for spooky season? All right, fine. The whole year has been scary, and not in a good way. And Halloween is going to look very different this year. Still, Halloween is a no-pressure holiday with cool movies and no gift-giving obligations, so we're still counting it as one of our favorites. And as always, we love any excuse to go nuts. So if you're trying to keep Halloween fun for the kids, or if you're watching Hocus Pocus for the fifth time this month, we've got a few nutty ideas to send your way. Ready? Then let's get started.  A Costume for Your Nuts  We've been wearing masks for most of this year. At least now we get to do it for fun. In the spirit of Halloween, did you know that your nuts can wear costumes, too? It's true. Nuts love costumes. Why should you leave your nuts out of the fun? We love to dress up our nuts.  For example, these cleverly disguised Boston Baked Beans aren't eve

These Are The Hottest Nuts You'll Ever Put In Your Mouth

Do you ever just feel the need to put some hot nuts in your mouth? You can eat all kinds of nuts. You may be the type who can eat nuts all day, every day. Some like their nuts sweet and some like them salty, but for others, the best thing to eat is delicious hot nuts. Well, if you like some spice with your nuts, then we've got what you need here at Try My Nuts . Of course, we support you no matter what kind of nuts you want to put in your mouth; but here, we especially love some spice.  Hot Nuts Have Spice For Everyone  In case you haven't heard, hot nuts are our specialty. We have all kinds of spicy nuts for you to choose from. Whether you like peanuts, cashews, or a nutty mix, we have the spice you're looking for in several varieties. Plus, we have several levels of spice. You want just a little kick with your nuts? Then the mild version of our Carolina reaper peanuts have what you need. Do you prefer your nuts spicy enough to make your eyes water? Then go for the wild

Need More Heat? Now You Can Grow Your Own Peppers

  Are you a heat enthusiast? A culinary master? Just want to try something different? Then that’s where a “Grow Your Own Peppers” kit comes in.  We like to bring the heat here at Try My Nuts. Not only do we offer an entire range of hot nuts, we also have hot sauces and challenges for those who just can’t get enough heat in their lives. Sometimes, though, you want to keep the heat coming all year round. Sound familiar? Then why wait for someone else to bring it? It’s time to grow your own peppers. Now, you can have some extra spice any time you want it.  Why Grow Your Own Peppers?  Why should you grow your own peppers? These days, “because I want to” is a good enough reason for a lot of things. Still, if you’re on the fence about growing peppers for fun, or if you need to justify yet another weird quarantine purchase, we’ve got you.  All Year Spice  Like we said, you plant a pepper pod, and you have peppers any time you want them, all year long. Hey, we’d be happy to send you spicy nuts